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Aviation jobs and aviation employment opportunities around the world.   Jobs for flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, and many other aviation professions.

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Aviation jobs, Pilot jobs, flight attendant jobs, jobs for A&P Mechanics and other aviation job openings around the world.



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Flight Attendant Schools and Training

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airBaltic Training
The cabin crew courses and its modules have been developed to cover EU-OPS and other aviation requirements for initial, conversion, and recurrent cabin crew training for the following aircraft types: B757, B737, F50 and Q400. It’s includes both theoretical and practical training with highly qualified airline experienced instructors using quality training facilities and devices.
Web Site:

Aircare FACTS Training
Aircare FACTS® Training provides crewmember emergency procedures training for business aviation crews. With Fixed bases in Long Beach, CA, Dallas, TX, Morristown, NJ and Amsterdam, The Netherlands and with over 50 open enrollment classes each year, Aircare FACTS® offers a variety of programs, specifically designed to meet the needs of corporate/business aviation operations, Public (government) aircraft and military special missions ops. Aircare FACTS programs utilize full size, full motion cockpit and cabin simulators and real emergency and safety equipment to provide the most realistic training experience possible. Aircare FACTS Training . . . Train to Save. Train to Survive™
Contact: Elizabeth McClain
Phone: +1-360-754-9805

Beyond and Above
Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training was founded in 2001 by Mary Louise Gallagher, a former commercial and corporate flight attendant, to train corporate flight attendants to be the best in the industry. Beyond & Above provides an efficient recruitment device for corporate employers looking for trained flight professionals as well as job finding assistance for graduates. Beyond & Above offers initial flight attendant training, online recurrent emergency training, and in-house corporate training in flight attendant procedures and business protocol. All graduates of Beyond & Above are in compliance with emergency procedures and policies for Part 91, 125, and 135 operations as outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration. With Beyond & Above, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s where you belong! See our graduates and read their stories on our website and facebook.
Phone: (727) 384-4135

Corporate Air Parts
Corporate Air Parts prides itself on delivering training programs designed to meet the needs and requirements of pilots and aircrews in corporate and general aviation. All CAP's training is competitively priced, relevant, interesting, known for exceeding required course contents, and is presented as "hands-on" as possible.
Contact: Neil Looy
Phone: 818-997-0512

Corporate School of Etiquette
The Corporate School of Etiquette is a unique training program providing information and practical experience in customer service, etiquette, protocol, and culinary skills. Students at The Corporate School of Etiquette will learn basic rules of social and dining etiquette both through presentation and interaction. To be competitive in today’s fast paced business environment, one must be able to correctly address or introduce someone in a business or social setting. The first ten seconds are critical when making that first impression. Classes are also offered on cultural awareness. Globalization combines the foods, table service, and dining practices from many cultures, presenting challenges in bringing these foods and services to the tables of private aircraft. Candidates attending The Corporate School of Etiquette learn, and use, the tools necessary to ensure success in business and social settings. These life-long skills will help you achieve the kind of performance companies demand from professionals.
Phone: 949-263-0070

Flight Attendant Express
A program to help Flight Attendant job seekers succeed in the super-competitive interview process. Students also receive guidance to help them greatly increase chances of successfully completing initial airline training. Taught by instructors with actual recruiting experience. Students are given classroom instruction, role-playing exercises and personal guidance. Includes testing, certificate and airline placement assistance.
Contact: Wendy Stafford
Phone: 407-678-3710

A flight attendant’s primary responsibility is the safety of passengers and crewmembers. Thus, the FlightSafety training curriculum emphasizes hands-on training in emergency equipment and procedures, employing classroom role-playing and cabin simulators to provide a practical, realistic experience. Courses for corporate and airline flight attendants also address the finer points of in-flight service. Both initial and recurrent training courses are available.
Phone: +1-800-625-9369

Friedenberg Corporate FA Training
We are business aviation's premier training program for professionals who desire to become corporate flight attendants. The training is held each year in Long Beach, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; and London, United Kingdom. We also conduct in-house and corporate flight department trainings.
Contact: Susan Friedenberg
Phone: +1-215-625-4811

Institute of Travel and Tourism Studies
The Institute of Travel and Tourism Studies is an offshore academic institution established to offer virtual training in commercial aviation, aviation safety, tourism and hospitality, to international students.
Contact: Michelle Francois
Phone: 592-609-2209

MedAire has established the infrastructure, processes and experience for managing medical emergencies in virtually any type of environment – air, land or sea.
Contact: Jill Drake
Phone: 480-333-3767

sajet Solutions
our team of experts assists flight departments with achieving compliance per FAR's, SOP's and IS-BAO standards. clients will achieve overall higher standards of inflight safety, service and culinary skills and consistency. their firsthand knowledge regarding all of the intricacies for creating customized and comprehensive in-house training programs or combined programs in conjunction with onsite training vendor companies make sajet the perfect choice - from start to solution.
Web Site:
Contact: Scott Arnold
Phone: +1-954-562-1642

SkyAngels Training Academy
As a SkyAngel Student you will learn the skills to provide every guest with a level of service that is sought after and coveted in the industry. Upon successful completion of the SkyAngels Training Academy you will have extensive knowledge of private and corporate aviation and the expertise & skills to provide an unforgettable and luxurious experience that exceeds your guests expectations. SkyAngels Training Academy is divided into 5 days of in-­-depth education, practice and testing. Each of the days is focused on providing you with a certain set of skills that will prepare you to handle any situation that you may face in the sky.
Contact: Steffany Kisling
Phone: +1-310-421-8153

Stark Survival Training
Emergency Crew Member Training-Far Part 91, 135, 125, and 121; Helicopter Underwater Egress and Heed Training; Executive Training Seminar; Open Water Training
Contact: Ken Burton
Phone: 850-871-4730

Survivial Systems USA
Survival Systems USA, Inc. instructs pilots, aircrew and passengers in water survival, aircraft ditching emergency and escape procedures, as well as rescue and sea survival techniques.
Contact: Hugh Teel, Jr.
Phone: 888-386-5371

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