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Aviation jobs and aviation employment opportunities around the world.   Jobs for flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, and many other aviation professions.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

How do I...
  1. post a blind ad?
  2. request resume sorting service from you?
  3. remove a job from the board before its scheduled closing date?
  4. re-activate an old/expired job?
  5. view the applicants?
To learn about other advanced features and read detailed explanations on how to optimize your quest for the perfect aviation employee - please access the "Help" section from the Aviation "Employer Services" screen.

Q1: How do I post a blind ad?
A1: Simply enter "confidential" in the required contact information fields for the desired job.  You can still supply real email address in order to receive electronic applications, because your email address always remains confidential and is never disclosed.

Q2: How do I request resume sorting from you?
A2: Simply enter our email address into the email field associated with the given job opening:  If you would like us to also accept resumes by Fax - please
contact us directly and we will arrange it for you.

Q3: How do I remove a job from the board?
A3: In your Employer Services section, click on "View Active Jobs" link, locate the desired job, click on [Edit] link and change "Date to Delist" field to a past date.  This will effectively expire the job and cause it to disappear from the board.

Q4: How do I re-activate an old/expired job?
A4: In your Employer Services section, click on "Inactive Jobs" link, locate the desired job, click on [Edit] link and change "Date to List" and "Date to Delist" field to future dates.  This will effectively re-activate the job and cause it to appear on the board and the date you indicated in "Date to List" field.

Q5: How do I view the applicants?
A5: In your Employer Services section, click on "Active Jobs" link, locate the desired job and click on the [Applicants] link.  You will see a list of all applicants, even those who applied via our "Instant Fax" service.  For more information please access "Help" section from "Employer Services" page. You may also
view sample resumes.

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