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Job Detail (EXPIRED): B757/767 Instructor (Little Rock, AR)

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POSITION: B757/767 Instructor (Little Rock, AR)
Position Title

B757 767 Instructor
Job Title

B757 767 Instructor
Job Description


To provide training, knowledge and certification of Air Transport International B-757/767 crewmembers.


1. Conduct proficiency checks in an approved flight simulator
2. Flight instruction in an approved flight simulator
3. Supervision of the re-establishment of landing currency
4. Special checks provided the instructor is qualified in the specific activity for which the check is being conducted (such as CAT II and CAT III operations)
5. Certification of proficiency of airman after completion of flight training
6. Ground instruction for airman and the certification of completion of ground training

Basic Qualifications


1. Must hold the airman certificates and ratings, except medical certificate, to serve as PIC in revenue service. (FAR 121.411 (C) (1)
2. A medical certificate appropriate to the crew position occupied on the line is required for Instructor who maintains like currency
3. Instructors who have reached their 65th birthday or do not hold an appropriate medical certificate must fly at least two flight segments as a required crewmember or complete the Check Airman Line Observation Module within the 12 month period preceding the performance of Instructor duty.
4. Meet the training and currency requirements to serve as PIC. These requirements may be met by using a Level B (or higher) flight simulator.
5. Demonstrate, initially and at least biennially, to an FAA inspector the ability to conduct a proficiency in an approved flight simulator.

1. Successful completion of a DOT pre-employment drug screen and background check
2. Ability to clearly communicate with co-workers; stand, bend, and reach; sit for extended periods of time; and comply with ATI attendance requirements.
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