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Job Detail (EXPIRED): USD8, 000/mth - FAA/JAA/ICAO Embraer ERJ170/190 Qualified Line Captains, Libya

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POSITION: USD8, 000/mth - FAA/JAA/ICAO Embraer ERJ170/190 Qualified Line Captains, Libya
Betts Job ID 10317: USD8, 000/mth - FAA/JAA/ICAO
Embraer ERJ170/190 Qualified Line Captains, Libya

Job Posting Update: 21 August 2012
ALL Passports (including USA) and ALL Licences (FAA/JAA/
ICAO) are now accepted by the Libyan CAA

Growth has arrived in Libya and the oil industry is
demanding increased flight frequencies, so our Client is
responding by adding to their Pilot Team.  They’re bringing
in ERJ expertise to operate flights right away – and to also
share knowledge with local FOs.  We’ve worked with this
Tripoli based airline for a few years and they really are a
very nice Operation; the Management and Employees
within the business are friendly and a pleasure to work
with, as all our Pilots have let us know.  Libya does still
have some challenges ahead and that can’t be ignored,
but the will to create a new country is already enabling
International carriers to return and we’ve recently renewed
assignments on site, so Pilot contract extensions are
happening already.
Now in urgent need of Qualified ERJ 170/175/190/195 Line
Captains on the Embraer ERJ170/190 our Client
welcomes applications from Captains with FAA, ICAO and/
or JAA Licences.  All Nationalities are welcome (including
USA) but please do note that each ticket allowance per off
rotation is currently capped at Euros 700.00 and you can
use that money to fly to the destination of your own choice.
(This position links to Betts Job IDs: 10318, 10319 and

Outline Terms
Start Date: Early September 2012/As soon as you are
available to report
Terms: Contract Assignment via Betts Recruitment; No tax
Rotations:  6wks on/3wks off, on full pay, with a Euros
700.00 ticket allowance per off rotation
Normally, no overtime or overnights
Monthly Block Hours: Libyan CAA regulations (90) hours
Start/Pay Effective Date: The day after you arrive in the
Home Base of Tripoli
Tickets to Report: Our Client asks that you buy an economy
ticket and they'll reimburse you within 5 days of arrival (it's
in the Contract - and they always pay.)  Talk to us if that’s a
Accommodation: A hotel or company guest house, with all
meals are provided so there’s no separate per diem
Transport: Ground duty transport is provided
Taxation: No local tax to pay
Uniform: Please bring something suitable with you
Aircraft Currency: Our Client absolutely needs Crew
Members to report with a current rating on the Embraer
170/190 at the moment; they need Captains who can
operate from day 1, but, if you only need a Sim Check,
options might be available.
Costs for ongoing PC Check/Renewals will be covered/
reimbursed by the Airline
Insurance: Full and comprehensive Medical cover is
Salary: USD8,000 per month paid without tax deduction
Who will the Airline Hire?
ALL Passports (including USA) and ALL Licences (FAA/JAA/
ICAO) are now accepted by the Libyan CAA
If you are a rated and current Embraer ERJ170/190 Pilot
who has good time on type, plus you're available to accept
a new position ASAP, we'd like to hear from you – today!
Your ATPL should have at least 6 months to run before it
Unfortunately, type ratings are not being provided so we
can't progress your application if you are not already an
experienced ERJ170/190 Pilot.

To Progress your Application
Please send the following information to
• A copy of your up to date CV/Resume (as a
Word.doc or other open format please)
• Our Clients always appreciate a recent appropriate
Photograph if you are happy to send one

We'll return our 1-page Qualifications Summary Form
(QSF) for you to complete.

Please do not send any other documents until we ask for

Selection/Interview Process
The Betts Team will recommend Candidates to the Airline -
based on your CV and the QSF.
From these recommendations, our Client will then make
an Offer to those who meet their required profile and all
parties will then liaise closely to make sure you know all
the details, terms and conditions before committing
yourself to join the Team.
After that, we’ll support all travel and reporting
arrangements fully.

Each position is offered on a 1-month trial basis, for the
benefit of everyone involved

We will make sure you receive feedback about your
application as soon as possible.


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