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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Flight Attendant (Little Rock, AR)

(last updated Fri, Feb 05, 2016 at 21:40 EST)
COMPANY: Air Transport International DATE:
POSITION: Flight Attendant (Little Rock, AR)
Position Title

Flight Attendants
Job Title

Flight Attendant
Job Description


The flight attendant shares with flight crew the responsibility for the safety of passengers as specified by the Company and Federal Aviation Administration regulations. More specifically, the Flight Attendant is responsible for cabin safety while maintaining the foremost in quality and excellence of passenger and in-flight cabin service.


• Coordinating with other crewmembers assigned to the flight to assure a smooth operation with maximum safety and efficiency.
• Maintaining the foremost in quality and excellence of passenger and in flight cabin service.
• Observe company uniform regulations which include no visible tattoos or multiple piercings.
• Observe company conduct regulations while on duty or when representing the company.
• Perform preflight checks for security, required cabin emergency equipment, catering supplies, and appearance of the cabin, and reporting any discrepancies.
• Ensuring proper manifesting of passengers including any special information needed for international flights, passengers with disabilities, unaccompanied minors and distinguished visitors.
• Ensure passenger compliance with carryon baggage program and exit row seating requirements are met.
• Ensures passengers are briefed and comply with the following: smoking, location of emergency exits and seating requirements, use of oxygen, seatbelts, seatbacks, tray tables, aisle path lighting, and life vests and rafts (as applicable).
• Ensuring the compliance of passengers with all Federal Aviation Regulations and ATI policies designed for their safety.
• Perform such other duties assigned by the captain of the flight.
• Act as Ground Security Coordinator, as required in accordance with provisions of the Security Compliance Program Manual and 49 CFR 1544, as applicable.


• High School Diploma or equivalent.
• Passport that allows travel throughout the world.
• Successful completion of pre-employment drug screen and background check.
• Successful complete a Criminal History Records Check.
• Must be able to qualify and pass a US Government secret clearance in the event of CRAF activation.
• Excellent verbal communication skills.
• Previous Flight Attendant experience preferred.
• Three years experience with customer service.
• Ability to clearly communicate with customers and co-workers; stand, bend, and reach; sit for extended periods of time; and comply with ATI attendance requirements.
• Must be at least 21 years of age.
• Must be able to operate all emergency exits and aircraft equipment, using all the necessary movements and force to move up to 70 pounds.
• Possess a valid US driver’s license.
• Must be a US Citizen.
• Previous aviation industry experience also considered.
Basic Qualifications

At least 21 years of age.

Valid Drivers License

Three years of customer service experience.

High School Diploma or equivalent.

U.S. Passport that will allow travel throughout the world.

U.S. Citizen
Mailing Address: N/A

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