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Job Detail (EXPIRED): King Air 350 Pilot

More AVIATION AND PILOT JOBS (last updated Tue, Feb 09, 2016 at 15:20 EST)
COMPANY: Mayo Aviation, Inc. DATE:
POSITION: King Air 350 Pilot
Requirements for Pilot Employment

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate
First Class Medical
3,000 hours Total Time
1,000 hours Multi-engine
200 hours Actual Instrument
100 hours Night
30-minute living radius from Centennial Airport

King Air 350 SIC

General Purpose
The Second in Command reports to the designated
Pilot in Command assigned to the flight and to the
Chief Pilot regarding Company policies and
procedures. Responsible for assisting the Pilot in
Command in the safe conduct of a flight and the
comfort of the passengers.

Essential Functions

Completes duties assigned by the Pilot in Command.

Discusses with the Pilot in Command weather, routing,
aircraft performance and NOTAMS as applicable to
the safe conduct of the flight.

Assists the Pilot in Command during all phases of
flight in accordance with Company procedures.

Monitors all instrumentation and flight systems and
performs assigned cockpit duties.

Assists the Pilot in Command in complying with the
requirements of the checklist.

Operates the navigational and communications radios
as requested, obtains clearances and relays all
instructions to the Pilot in Command.

Monitors the progress of the flight and immediately
provides the Pilot in Command information which
would assist in the execution of a safe flight.

Is alert for abnormal situations and departures from
normal procedures or neglect of any required actions
and immediately advises the Pilot in Command so
appropriate action can be taken.

Assumes control of the aircraft in necessary to avoid a
hazardous situation caused by Pilot in Command
inattention or incapacitation.

Ensures that manuals, charts, catering and other
customer specific special items are onboard the
aircraft and that the aircraft is clean.

Conducts a proper preflight inspection in accordance
with the procedures in the Aircraft Flight Manual as
directed by the Pilot in Command.

Cooperate in conduct with the Safety Management
System, and be instrumental with corrective action
plans and preventative measures.

Ensure compliance with applicable rules, regulations,
and organizational standards.

Identify deficiencies, develop, implement, and verify
preventive and corrective measures.

Other Functions
Other duties as assigned by management.


Basic working knowledge of the Federal Aviation

Ability to be at the airport of departure within 30
minutes for Flight for Life and 60 minutes for Charter
flight assignments.

First Class Medical Certificate

Education or Formal Training
Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument Rated or

See Pilot Qualifications for required times.

Material and Equipment Directly Used

Aircraft and complex aircraft systems.
Aircraft flight simulators.
Standard office equipment, including PC, copier, fax
machine, & telephone.
Occasional use of aircraft tugs and ground power units.

Working Environment/Physical Activities
Areas of moving mechanical parts, equipment and
various chemicals.
Occasional exposure to loud noises and loud aircraft
engines which at times require hearing protection.
Occasional exposure to human body fluids/tissue.
Occasional periods of lifting, pushing, or pulling over
50 pounds.
Mailing Address:
Mayo Aviation, Inc.
7735 South Peoria Street
Englewood, CO 80112
Web: Expired

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