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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Director of Safety and Standards (HealthNet)

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COMPANY: Air Methods/HealthNet DATE:
POSITION: Director of Safety and Standards (HealthNet)
Location:  Charleston, WV  
Last Updated:  01/17/2012  

Job Description:
Position Information: HealthNet system Director of Safety
and Standards

Basic Description: This is a joint Air Methods/HealthNet
System safety position, responsible for the overall
development and operation of safety initiatives within the
goals and values of Air Methods Corporation (AMC) and
HealthNet Aeromedical Services (including financial
performance relative to safety, service/program
development, distribution and promotion, employee
development and recognition, customer satisfaction and
regulatory compliance) as well as the standardization and
implementation of policies, procedures and best practices
throughout the AMC/HealthNet system.

Specialized Knowledge, Experience and Skills
(Possess the Education, Experience and Skills required to
fully execute the requirements of the position)

BS/BA Degree
Previous experience as an operational HEMS Pilot,
Mechanic or Clinician

MS, 3+ years aviation experience and Certified Safety

Credit for a College degree may be substituted for
experience. Position requires daytime extensive travel
among HealthNet and other AMC base locations, (OH, WV,
KY) meeting sites and aviation vendor headquarters.

Computer Skills required for this position:
Familiarity with Basic PC Skills
Keyboarding experience

Other Required Areas of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Proven ability to function at a high level under a dual
reporting scheme
Working knowledge of CFR’s and all applicable AMC and
HealthNet manuals and guidance
Detailed knowledge of FAA SMS process
Analytical Skill Set
Applies knowledge to new situations
Ability to manage multiple assignments
A proven history of appropriate judgment
Public speaking experience
Proven supervisory skills
Ability to function in a team setting
Knowledge of community resources
Customer service skills
A proven history of appropriate decision making
Ability to appropriately handle employee relations
Ability to manage a flexible schedule, including nights and
Ability to compute simple mathematic equations.
Proven organizational skills
Ability to solve complex problems
History of project management experience
Excellent written and verbal communications skills
Ability to work independently
Ability to write safety related articles and reports to various
reader levels
Ability to work in area of expertise (as defined in the
requirements section above) as a qualified program team
member on the rare occasion

Competency Statement: Must demonstrate competency
through an initial orientation and ongoing competency
validation to independently perform tasks and additional
duties as specified in the job description and the
unit/department specific competency checklist.

Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Customer Service (internal & external)
1. While working with the HealthNet base managers and
the Director of Marketing and Customer Service, design,
develop and operationalize initiatives, programs and
activities identified within the scope of safety services for
patients, employees and vendor to ensure positive
2. Assure alignment of safety services for the customers of
the department by:
a. Setting targets and expectations
b. Identifying key team members
c. Coordinating the efforts of system safety integration
3. Coordinate with the HealthNet base managers and the
Director of Marketing and Customer Service to interface
with and coordinate with Air Methods, flight team and
communicators to resolve customer concerns, improve
satisfaction and resolve services related incidents.
4. Continually review the efficiency, effectiveness and need
for additional safety services. Work with base managers
and Air Methods to initiate changes in the way services are
provided proactively and in response to changing
5. Work with base managers to develop programming in
partnership with Air Methods to ensure integration,
inclusion in identification and improvement of safety
issues, and quality outcomes.
6. While working with the HealthNet base managers and
the Director of Marketing and Customer Service, develop
and/or maintain close ties to various systems and
agencies within the community to ensure the goals of
developed safety initiatives are met.

B. Position/Operational
1. Work with base managers and Air Methods to ensure
management, organizational development, and
harmonization of safety functions and initiatives.
2. Ensure design, implementation and delivery of safety
services in accordance with HealthNet philosophy and
strategic plan and those of Air Methods. Identify and
Deconflict differences between AMC and HealthNet safety
and operational requirements as appropriate
3. Use a system framework to locate, plan and implement
services and strategies so as to maximize reporting and
response to safety and quality issues.
4. Directs processes, in coordination with base manager
and Air Methods, to assure effective follow-up of sentinel
events, including appropriate use of staff to develop and
report out effective root cause analysis.
5. Promote initiatives to create and promote a culture of
safety throughout the organization.
6. In coordination with base manager and Air Methods ,
plan, develop, and execute various courses, educational
offerings, and continuing educational programs.
7. In coordination with base manager, oversee the
development, interpretation and coordination of HealthNet
policies and procedures as required to develop and
implement safety related educational initiatives.
8. Develop and perform process and systems analysis to
support, plan and coordinate error reduction strategies.
9. Directs the activities of the system Safety Committee to
assure a comprehensive safety and environmental
management program designed to foster the safety
culture for employees, patients and vendor.
10. Participates in, manages activities of and provides
direction and input to base Safety Committees.
11. Foster an environment that supports the analysis of
errors and events and promotes the use of “lessons
learned” to decrease errors.
12. Use accurate labor and productivity standards for all
points of service.
13. Interpret HealthNet/Air Methods safety goals and
strategic plans and develop/revise these goals to ensure
that they are in proper alignment with those of the
corporation. In coordination with base manager, monitor
the functionality and activities of the services to ensure the
safety goals are achieved.
14. Develop long-range safety goals/strategies to ensure
the long-term viability of initiatives to properly position the
services for the future.
15. In coordination with base manager and Air Methods,
anticipate, facilitate and manage change.
16. Ensures the active participation of safety on
appropriate committees.
17. Assist AMC in SMS development and implementation
across HealthNet system consistent with FAA SMS

C. Quality Improvement
1. Identify, in collaboration with base managers, Air
Methods and other providers, system outcome indicators
to assure continuous quality improvement.
2. Apply total quality concepts and techniques to improve
3. Ensure compliance with all regulatory standards.
4. Work in conjunction with other management staff to
develop system-wide policies and develop system/service
group policies and procedures for assigned services.
5. Monitor and improve identified system outcomes
indicators for effectiveness and usefulness.
6. Assist AMC safety department in conducting RCA and
IEP functions as assigned

D. Employee Relations
In coordination with base managers and aviation vendor:
1. Facilitate the interaction of assigned systems with the
larger organization.
2. Design and implement regular and dependable
communication links between organizations within and
outside HealthNet.
3. Demonstrate leadership of assigned system through:
a. Identification of priorities for management action.
b. Direction of assigned services.
c. Coaching of manager skill development in order to
achieve successful safety related outcomes.
4. Manage and encourage the current work environments
within the assigned system that promotes innovation,
creativity, problem solving, conflict resolution and
responsiveness to customers within and outside the
service area.
5. Identify personal learning needs, plan for and
accomplish the development.
6. Facilitate development of a non-punitive reporting
system for adverse events and errors.

Common Duties and Responsibilities:
(Essential duties common to all positions)

1. Maintain and document all applicable required
2. Demonstrate positive customer service and co-worker
3. Comply with the employer’s attendance policy.
4. Participate in the continuous, quality improvement
5. Perform work in a cost effective manner.
6. Perform work in accordance with all pay practices and
scheduling policies, including, but not limited to, overtime,
various shift work, and on-call situations.
7. Perform work in alignment with the overall mission and
strategic plan of the organization.
8. Follow organizational policies and procedures, as
9. Perform related duties as assigned.

Organizational Relationships:
This position reports to the AMC Director of Safety through
the AMC Eastern Region Safety Manager and the
President & CEO of HealthNet Aeromedical Services in
conjunction with Air Methods. Reporting to the incumbent
is the Base Safety Committees, and indirectly the Air
Methods HealthNet base Safety Representatives. Provides
direct reports to the President/CEO, HealthNet Board of
Directors, and the Air Methods Director of Safety.

Requires proven abilities in planning, financial
management, and leadership development. Requires
proven abilities in designing an organization to be
responsive to internal and external customers. If
necessary, conflict resolution will occur between the CEO
HealthNet System, the incumbent, AMC Regional/Division
VP and the AMC Director of Safety. Personal Qualities: a.
Demonstrates highly developed communication and
interpersonal skills. b. Demonstrates highly developed
human relations skills. c. Demonstrates the ability to
engage in systems thinking.
d. Demonstrates proven business and financial judgment.

We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer M/F/D/V. We
maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-
employment substance abuse testing.  
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Web: Expired

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