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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Senior Flight Attendant Purser (Corporate)

(last updated Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 03:00 EST)
COMPANY: The Coca-Cola Company DATE:
POSITION: Senior Flight Attendant Purser (Corporate)
JOB ID  10574  
LOCATION  United States
CITY  GA - Atlanta  
SPECIFIC LOCATION  Atlanta-Charlie Brown Airport  
JOB TYPE  Full Time  
Function Specific Activities:

Perform emergency first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Protect information provided in confidence from outside sources
(bottlers and other business partners) and ensure this information
is not disseminated to those not directly involved.

Greet, acknowledge and interact with all guests in a friendly and
professional manner in order to serve as a "goodwill ambassador"
for the Company.

Protect the Company and all Company information against
unauthorized disclosure, eavesdropping and legal exposure.

Ensure all medical equipment and supplies are onboard and ready
for use.

Report security problems in personal work area.

Direct passengers during emergencies to ensure safe evacuation
of the aircraft.

Monitor the cabin during critical phases of flight in case emergency
egress is necessary.

Administer medication and emergency medical aid if required.

Evaluate all risk factors and adjust trip as necessary to maintain
highest degree of safety possible.

Education:High school diploma; GED equivalent

Related Work Experience:At least 5 years

Core Competencies:

Drives Innovative Business Improvements:  Develops new insights
into solutions that result in organizational improvements; promotes
a work environment that fosters creative thinking, innovation and
rational risk-taking.

Balances Immediate and Long-Term Priorities: Seeks to meet
critical objectives while considering the impact of those decisions
and activities on the ability to achieve long-term goals.

Delivers Results: Focuses on the critical few objectives that add the
most value and channels own and others' energy to consistently
deliver results that meet or exceed expectations.

Imports and Exports Good Ideas:  Relentlessly seeks, shares and
adopts ideasand best practices in and outside the Company and
embraces change introduced by others.

Develops and Inspires Others:  Builds and maintains relationships
that motivate, guide, and/or reinforce the performance of others
toward goal accomplishments.  Develops self and others to
improve performance in current role and to prepare for future
roles; seeks and provides feedback and coaching
to enhance performance.

Lives the Values: Demonstrates the values of The Coca-Cola
Company through words, actions, and by example; fosters an
environment that reflects the values of the company.

Technical Skills:

Access Control Procedures: Knowledge of procedures used to
screen, verify and validate employees and non-employees (e.g.,
guests, workers) entering, exiting or while they are on Company

Access Credentials: Knowledge of policies and procedures used to
validate, process and track access credentials of authorized
persons to ensure a safe work environment at Company facilities;
includes knowledge of proper credentials.

Customer Service: Ability to represent the HQ Security
Department and the Company in a courteous and professional
manner and deliver customer service that enhances the reputation
and image of the Company trademark by providing guidance to
and responding appropriately to Associates and
non-employee workers requesting assistance and/or asking
questions; includes the ability to acknowledge all guests with a
friendly professional greeting and serving as a "goodwill
ambassador" for the Company.

Emergency Training and Response: Knowledge of in-flight
emergency procedures, use of fire fighting, flotation equipment
and emergency medical techniques. This includes current training
in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automatic External
Defibrillator, and in the use of the prescription drugs carried

Evacuation Procedures: Knowledge of Company evacuation
procedures; includes the ability to assist in the safe evacuation of
personnel from Company facilities.

Food Service: Knowledge of proper procedures for gourmet food
and beverage preparation and presentation. This includes ordering
and preparing meals for flights, with the primary goal of ensuring
passengers are taken care of in the most professional manner

Service to Passengers: Ability to provide direct support to the
strategic leadership of the Company by taking charge of all
planning, coordination and execution requirements of worldwide air
travel. This includes responding to the dynamic changes occurring
on every trip.

At The Coca-Cola Company you can cultivate your career in a
challenging and dynamic environment.  We are the largest
manufacturer and distributor of nonalcoholic drinks in the world-
selling more than 1 billion drinks a day.  Unlock your full potential
with a future-focused company that is known and respected
throughout the world.

If relocation costs are not provided for this job, by submitting their
profile and resume/CV, candidates understand and acknowledge
that The Coca-Cola Company will not provide relocation assistance
or support and that relocation will be entirely the responsibility of
the candidate.

Please apply online.
Mailing Address:
Location: Atlanta, GA
Web: Expired

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