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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Full Flight Simulator Instructor - B737 (Atlanta)

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COMPANY: Alteon Training DATE:
POSITION: Full Flight Simulator Instructor - B737 (Atlanta)
Job# 277  
Atlanta Training Center

The following open position for a full flight Simulator Instructor is
for Alteon's Miami Training Center. This position is Part-Time and
will not involve any relocation. The Ideal applicant will have jet
flight instructor experience, equivalent pilot experience or Flight
Engineer experience in the Boeing B737 airplane. The Full Flight
Simulator Instructor is responsible for the conduct of the highest
quality full-flight simulator based instruction for customer flight
crews receiving initial, transition, differences and/or recurrent
training in accordance with Alteon Standards and regulatory
guidelines and the approved syllabus. The individual will effectively
train customer flight crews in the safe and efficient operation of
large commercial airplanes or other aerospace products or
systems by providing accurate technical information through the
use of state-of-the-art procedures, training equipment and

Responsibilities will include:
Conduct flight crew training of customer pilots during the full flight
simulator phase of training at local and remote sites.
Conduct thorough briefings prior to each training session to
provide the training expectations, as well as debriefings and
critiques at the end of each training session, to ensure that the
customer is aware of their performance. Provide a brief outline of
the training events for future sessions.
Evaluate and document the pilots’ performance and progress in the
training sessions in the relevant records and reports to allow third
party assessment, and report.
Report any customer training problems or conflicts to Flight
Training management.
Communicate with the Simulator maintenance function to report
any simulator problems or malfunctions.
Enable the efficient delivery of training by ensuring that all
administrative duties relating to training are arranged and the
briefing room and simulator are prepared in readiness for the
training session.
The ability to perform all of the duties required of a Flight Training
Ground School Instructor.
May be required to function as Test Center Evaluator (TCE), if
qualified. As a TCE, the instructor will perform the same airman
evaluator functions as those performed by an FAA, JAA Air Safety
Inspector. The TCE’s evaluation functions are limited to the
particular training center where that individual is employed.

Qualifications & Skills:

Has thorough knowledge of the job; demonstrates technical and
functional skills; keeps informed of latest industry developments
and assists in keeping all publications used in training up to date.
Plans, prioritizes, completes work efficiently and cost effectively,
manages multiple tasks simultaneously while achieving expected
amount and quality of work. Must possess a self-starting work ethic
with the ability to work both independently and in a team
Demonstrates a sense of urgency when working with both internal
and external customers; available and responsive to client needs
and wants, seeks to satisfy customer expectations. Exhibits
professional and courteous behavior at all times with internal and
external customers.
Manages effective flow of information; uses appropriate style,
grammar, and tone in both written and verbal communication.
Contributes to regular instructor meetings and group settings, and
promotes the sharing of information across the business. Fluency
in English, and a second language is a distinct advantage for
communicating with customers.
Identifies and determines appropriate diagnoses/definitions of
problems, assesses risk, including the investigation and resolution
of problems with projects. Able to consider the cost and benefit of
a decision and suggests options.

Experience & Education:

Possess five years experience with a scheduled/non-scheduled jet
transport carrier or corporate jet operator including 2000 hours as
Pilot in Command, and PIC in jet transport airline service within
previous 24 months.
Relevant work experience demonstrating the ability to prepare a
lesson plan, interpret and present technical material, and
independently teach an airplane model.
Minimum of three years instructional and/or evaluating experience
on Transport category aircraft with suitable experience as a
simulator instructor.
Must be able to speak, understand, read and write English, be able
to communicate clearly and accurately using both verbal and
written communications. A second language may be required in
some Training Centers to meet particular requirements. Relevant
work experience demonstrating the ability to prepare a lesson
plan, interprets, present technical material, and independently
teach an airplane model.
Possess an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with multi-engine
rating and a type rating from a recognized ICAO signatory country
for the program airplane.

International travel may be required

If you are interested in this position please select the link below.

A relocation package is not available with this position. Alteon is an
Equal Opportunity Employer.
Mailing Address: N/A
Web: Expired

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