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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Part 135 VFR pilots

More AVIATION AND PILOT JOBS (last updated Sun, Feb 07, 2016 at 12:00 EST)
COMPANY: Ram Air Freight DATE:
POSITION: Part 135 VFR pilots
Ram Air Freight is currently looking for qualified VFR pilots to
fill the June 25 class. We fly almost all IFR, and for this class
we are looking for applicants close to Part 135 IFR min’s who
would start as VFR pilots and transition to IFR once meeting the
minimum hour requirements.  We are a Part 135 air courier
operator with several bases scattered throughout the Southeast.
With a regular schedule of Monday through Friday, the majority of
the routes being day/afternoon runs you will gain the invaluable
experience of single pilot, multi engine, all weather operations
and also get home every night, allowing you to have a “normal”
life outside of your job.

We do not require any minimum multi engine time for application.
Thanks to our 65% twin to single engine airplane ratio upgrades
typically occur no longer than 4 months after the VFR to IFR
checkride, depending upon the employee’s flexibility to relocate
and the current company needs. Everybody starts in the PA32 and
we do not do VFR multi engine training.  Initial training lasts a
full week and incorporates in depth ground and flight training,
during which Ram Air Freight provides housing.

For VFR positions, in order to qualify applicants MUST meet Part
135 VFR minimums, be actively flying and proficient, and more
generally be capable of reaching checkride standards within 6
hours of flight training. We require at least 800TT for VFR
applicants, preferably 1000 or more, a CFI, and instrument
skills.  There is a 6 month training contract.

Benefits include Blue Cross Blue Shield and dental insurance (we
pay 50%), Simple IRA retirement plan, and jumpseat privileges.
More information is available on and Send resumes to  No phone calls please.
Mailing Address:
Attn: Clinton Festa
Ram Air Freight 
1425 Meridian Drive
Raleigh, NC 27623
Web: Expired

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