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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Airport Air Traffic Controller

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POSITION: Airport Air Traffic Controller
ake CHARGE as a Airport Air Traffic Controller

NAV CANADA airport air traffic controllers see it all. From on high, in one of the 41 air traffic control towers at airports across the country, you keep watch over every approach, every departure, and all the taxiways—keeping it safe no matter how much traffic you’ve got on the go.

You’re the conductor. The orchestrator. You’re the one who gives taxi, take-off and landing instructions. And once you’ve guided a flight safely into the skies you hand it off to your area control colleague in the appropriate airspace.

To do your job effectively, you depend on the expert training you’ve received from NAV CANADA, advanced technology, and the team around you.

By helping pilots take-off and land efficiently, airport air traffic controllers also help reduce fuel consumption—having a positive impact not only on safety but also on the environment.
A top-flight opportunity

You don’t need any aviation-related experience or knowledge to become an airport controller. All you need is a sharp mind, readiness to learn, and motivation to join a national company—NAV CANADA—that values teamwork, innovation and excellence. We look for the right candidates and give them the best training in the industry.

A career in air traffic control (ATC) is dynamic, full of on-the-job variety and perked with highly competitive compensation.

Take charge of your career. Apply to NAV CANADA today.

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