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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Flight Attendants (South Africa)

(last updated Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 09:30 EST)
COMPANY: Nationwide Airlines DATE:
POSITION: Flight Attendants (South Africa)
There are many applicants to Nationwide Airlines on a daily basis
representing a wide cross-section of talents and abilities.
Competition for acceptance to training is high but so are the

A neat, well-groomed appearance is essential for the
look of a true professional. Our cabin crew are
required to always meet a high standard of personal
grooming and hygiene. Strict uniform and grooming
standards must be met, so you must be willing to show
personal flexibility to comply with this requirement.
Personal grooming is assessed at each stage in the
recruitment process and every day during Flight
Attendant Initial Training.

Remember, first impressions are lasting ones!

Age / Documentation
As we have already said, as long as you’re over 18 and under 60,
age doesn’t matter – but you must be fit,
resilient and well organized. All applicants must hold a valid South
African passport or other passport with
necessary visas / work permits, and be able to have any
immunizations required in order to meet
international health regulations for destinations served.

Education / Work Experience
We require that all applicants have their matriculation or equivalent
and have at least one year of work
experience in a customer service related field.

We have cabin crew based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and
Durban. Candidates are advised of our
staffing requirements in the specific bases at the time the
preliminary interview is conducted. Applicants may
be required to relocate to any Nationwide crew base should
vacancies not exist at the base of their choice.

Working Hours
Nationwide Airlines operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year
and you could be scheduled to work at
any time on any route or aircraft type. Hours of work are in
accordance with the requirements stipulated by
the Civil Aviation Authority however may vary due to the type of
aircraft or flying to which you are assigned.
You may be required to work over weekends, public holidays,
religious holidays and even through the night
and must be willing to accept any flight assignment that may be
awarded to you.

To support our route structure, we seek candidates who are able to
converse fluently in English. A
candidate who is able to communicate (oral/written) in any other
official language of the Republic of South
Africa will be at an advantage over unilingual candidates. To better
serve our passengers, we also seek
candidates who speak French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German,
Spanish and Arabic.

Language Assessment
Applicants may be asked to undergo an oral test of approximately
25 minutes which consists of the following
five parts:
?? General Conversation – for example, talking about yourself,
family, friends, your ideas, etc.
?? Role-play with the aid of pictures.
?? Listening to a cassette recording in the second language and
answering questions/reacting to events.
?? Reading aloud.
?? Listening to English statements and repeating in the second

Vision / Health
Vision and medical requirements are stipulated in the Civil Aviation
Regulations – Part
67, and the corresponding Civil Aviation Technical Standards – SA-
Nationwide Airlines does not have any additional medical
requirements. A copy
of the SA-CATS-MR is available from the Civil Aviation Authority,
Pretoria or
from their website at Cabin crew applicants are
required to
successfully complete the criteria established for a Class 2 Aviation
Medical. At
the time of the medical, candidates will be required to have the
Yellow Fever vaccination and other
vaccinations as may be required due to our route structure and
health regulations in the Republic of South
Africa and countries served by Nationwide Airlines. A candidate
must be in excellent health to undergo the
stresses and physical demands of the job.

Our Recruitment Process
Applicants to Nationwide Airlines will be required to complete an
“Application For Employment”. This may be downloaded from our
website. If it is determined that the applicant meets the minimum
criteria for employment as established by the Civil Aviation
the applicant will be invited to a preliminary interview. The following
outlines the recruitment process for Flight Attendants at Nationwide

1. Preliminary Interview
The duration of the Preliminary Interview and the time required
to complete documentation should not exceed 4 hours. If you
are successful at the preliminary interview, you will be asked
to stay for a secondary interview. You should be prepared to
spend one full day when you come for your interview as
success at the various levels will allow you to move along in
our process. When you arrive for this interview you will be
required to complete the following:
(a) “Application For Employment”
(b) English Language Comprehension Test
(c) Medical Questionnaire

The English Language Comprehension Test is time limited to 10
Following the completion of basic paperwork, you will participate in
group exercises where you will be
observed by our recruitment team. At the end of this series of
exercises you will be advised if you have been
selected to continue in the recruitment process.

2. Secondary Interview
Applicants who are successful at this stage of the recruitment
process will be invited to attend a more in
depth interview conducted in front of a panel of employees
representing the Cabin Services Department.
This interview may last for up to 45 minutes.

3. Reference Checks
Should you be successful in the Preliminary Interview, Nationwide
Airlines will verify your employment history
with references as furnished on the “Application For Employment”.
References provided must be individuals
who have supervised your work and are able to comment on your
work ethic, competence and reliability.
Personal references will not be accepted. We understand you may
not wish to list your current employer as
a reference.

4. Class 2 Aviation Medical
Successful candidates from the Secondary Interview will be asked
to have a Class 2 Aviation Medical
performed by the Nationwide Airlines Medical Examiner. During this
examination you will be required to
have a Yellow Fever Immunization. The cost of the medical will be
paid for by Nationwide Airlines. You may
be asked to undergo the medical following the interview process,
or if invited to training, may be scheduled
to complete this medical during the training program. CAR Part 64
requires that you successfully complete
this class 2 medical. We will not be able to offer employment
should this not be completed satisfactorily. For
details regarding the medical, visit the CAA website at and find CAR Part 67 and SA-CATSMR.
These documents provide details with regard to the content and
criteria that must be satisfied.

5. Language Testing
If you state on your application form that you speak a second
language, you should be prepared to undergo
language testing. You will be notified should a language
assessment be required.

6. Notification
Shortly after your final interview, you will be notified in writing
regarding your status in our recruitment
Successful candidates will be invited to an orientation meeting
where terms and conditions of employment
will be more fully discussed. Pre-course materials will be provided
to you and expectations regarding the
training process will be discussed.
Employment contracts will be presented to you on the very first
day of training.
Should you not be invited to training, please feel free to re-apply
to Nationwide after a period of six months.

Cabin Crew Training
Candidates who are invited to training will attend a 6-week tuition-
free training
program. No salary is paid during this period. All training is
conducted in
Johannesburg at our Training Centre. If you are attending training
from another city
in which you reside, Nationwide will provide accommodation for
you as well as air
transportation to/from Johannesburg provided that air service is
operated by
Nationwide to the city in which you reside.
Training includes both theory and practical scenarios and drills.
There is a great
deal of homework and every subject area is tested. Topics covered
Aviation General, Safety Policy, Emergency Equipment, Emergency
First Aid, Aircraft Type Training, Security, Dangerous Goods,
Service and Customer Care. The pass mark on all examination is
90%. You may only re-write one examination.
Our standards are the highest in the industry so you need to be
100% dedicated in order to succeed. Our
instructional team demands only the best!
QAS Aviation Academy
Nationwide Airlines has established a very strong relationship with
QAS Aviation Academy. QAS provides generic
cabin crew training to applicants who meet certain criteria. Upon
successful completion of the QAS Flight Attendant
Training Program, Nationwide Airlines will invite such applicants for
personal interviews when recruitment is being
It should be clearly understood that participation in a QAS training
program does not guarantee employment by
Nationwide Airlines. Nationwide will however grant personal
interviews to all successful candidates and will review
feedback from program instructors while also reviewing
examination results to gain a better overall ‘picture’ of the
Nationwide has established with QAS the requirements of the
company with regard to qualifications and qualities that
individuals must hold and display in order to be successful in our
recruitment process.
For more information regarding the QAS program, contact
Johannesburg 011-421-4183.

Do We Have All Of Your Details?
Please ensure we have accurate and up to date telephone contacts
for you and an accurate mailing address.
Should such details change before you have been contacted by
Nationwide Airlines, please contact us by FAX or
EMAIL ONLY to update our records. Updates of information should
be sent by fax to 011-395-3192 or by email to:
You may also download an application form for employment.
Should you be contacted for an interview, you may
complete this application before coming for your interview. This will
help save some time during the initial
recruitment process.
Telephonic enquiries regarding your status in our recruitment
process cannot be accepted due to the large number of
candidates participating in our recruitment process. Nationwide
Airlines will contact you with regard to your status in
our selection process.
We thank you for your interest in Nationwide Airlines and for the
time you have taken and the effort you have made
to prepare to participate in our recruitment process. We wish you
all the very best and encourage you to do your
utmost to show us your dedication and desire to join our team of
highly qualified professionals.

You may download information documents and send your C.V. to
our Human Resources Department.

You may also submit applications for employment to:

Nationwide Airlines
P.O Box 130
Johannesburg International Airport
Johannesburg 1627
Republic of South Africa

We do not accept telephonic enquiries with regard to your status in
our recruitment process.

Should you not hear from Nationwide Airlines within a period of six
months, we invite you to reapply.
Mailing Address: N/A
Web: Expired

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