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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Aircraft Detailer (St. Louis, MO)

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COMPANY: The Allen Groupe DATE:
POSITION: Aircraft Detailer (St. Louis, MO)
In this position, you will have the opportunity to clean and restore the interior and exterior of multi-million dollar executive aircraft and commercial airlines.  You will be trained in providing support for fixed-base operators by partnering with line crews and assisting mechanics with basic aeronautical services.  Your job is very important to the success of our team and to the satisfaction of our customers.  As a part of The Allen Groupe Team, you will be responsible for the following tasks, which include but are not limited to:
Attend our orientation and training sessions!
Become familiar with various aircraft and the cleaning requirements of each!
Communicate!!! If you are in doubt or have a question, ask!
Maintain a professional attitude!
Quality workmanship!
Take care of and maintain company equipment!
Follow company policies, procedures, and processes!
Maintain a clean and organized locker, office and break room area!
Be able to go through security training and badging requirements of the airports where you work!

Interior Teams are expected to (but not limited to):
Cabin Area - clean seats, windows, window shades, seat frames, seating trays, personal monitors, cup holders, vacuum under seating area and center isle.
Lavatory Area - clean sink area, mirror, toilet area and empty trash bins.
Galley Area - clean bar area, coffee canisters, galley equipment, empty trash bins.
Cockpit Area - clean pilot seating area, windshield, empty trash.
Follow specific additional Lo-Amp/Hi-Amp guidelines

Exterior Teams are expected to (but not limited to):
Clean exterior passenger fuselage, entrance way & windows.
Clean wings, flaps and leading edge.
Clean rear fuselage, stabilizer & elevators.
Clean front fuselage and cockpit windshields.
Clean landing gear, gear compartment & engine rear thrust area.
Follow specific Lo-Amp/Hi-Amp guidelines.

Recommended Skills/Knowledge (but not required)
Extensive Knowledge of all compliance's of the "Completion Process" in accordance with GAMPS 4001
To include but not limited too:
·       Sanding
·       Polishing
·       Touch-up Pain

Job Requirements

Must be willing to work days and/or nights.  
Must have a clean criminal record for past 10 years.
Must have two forms of identification that shows you are eligible to work in the United States.
Must be able to stand for long periods of time.
Must be able to lift up to 50lbs.
Must have ability to pass a pre-employment drug screen.
Must be detailed orientated and willing to learn.  
Must have reliable transportation to and from the local Airport.  
Must be willing to work outdoors in all weather conditions.
Must be able to use power tools, handle fuel, and not afraid to get dirty.
Must be able to lay down, sit, roll, bend and work with hands while on ground underneath aircraft, wings and around landing gear.
Must willing to work in tight spaces, dark with limited light conditions and high noise environment.
Must be able to wear safety gear such as steel toe shoes, glasses, gloves and face mask as needed.
Must be willing to work by yourself and alone as needed and/or on as a team.


Mailing Address:
The Allen Groupe
200 Walters Drive
Bldg 479
Pittsburgh, PA 15108

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