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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Ground Operations Coordinator

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COMPANY: World Airways DATE:
POSITION: Ground Operations Coordinator
Location:Peachtree City, GA  

Position Description:
The purpose of this job is to have a central position in the
Customer Service area that is responsible for set up of all facets of
ground operations to support the flight schedule.  Coordination with
airport officials, ground-handling companies, government
regulatory agencies, are all elements of this position’s
responsibilities.  This position produces necessary company
documentation of ground handling functions to all parties
associated with our flight activity.

Responsible for making all ground handling arrangements for
World Airways passengers and cargo flights.

Responsible for obtaining written confirmation for U.S. Customs
landing rights, any and all approvals or authority required by
military bases, privately operated airfields used by AMC, other
government agencies, commercial airport operators, etc.

Responsible for obtaining and, where applicable, negotiating all
costs for ground operations in conjunction with flight activity.  

Establish and control the work schedules of U.S. based Ground
Operations Representatives.  

Coordinate the most cost effective utilization of all U.S. based
Ground Operations Representatives and non US Contract Ground
Operations Representative with all managers, in all countries, to
assure proper and efficient coverage of all flights.

Responsible for the accurate preparation and transmission of all
Trip Advisories.

Responsible for monitoring Schedule Change Notices (SCN) and
coordinating/alerting affected Customer Services station
personnel, ground reps and/or contracted services.

Monitor the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and
Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Advance Passenger
Information Systems (APIS) and modify as needed to produce
accurate reports

When assigned to the OCC, coordinate all listed activities with the
OCC Duty Manager and respond to his/her requests for Customer
Services assistance.  

Perform any other duties as assigned by the Director – Ground

This position is subject to rotating shifts and requires 24 hours, 7-
day week coverage due to operational requirements
Required Skills:
Computer skills in Excel, Word and Windows.
Strong Customer Service Skills.

Required Experience:
At least 1 year experience in airport/ground operations preferred.

Required Education:
High school diploma/GED  

World Airways, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not
discriminate on the basis of Race, Sex, Age, National Origin,
Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Physical/Mental
Disability (Except where physical requirements constitute a bona
fide occupational qualification.)

If you possess the skills and qualifications and have an interest in
the career opportunity listed above you can contact Human
Resources at and fax your resume to Human
Resources at (770) 632-8072 or mail your resume to:

World Airways, Inc.
HLH Building
101 World Drive
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Attn: Human Resources

World Airways is an international airline which serves charter and
government passengers, and cargo and wet-lease clients on four
continents. World Airways has continually upgraded its modern
fleet with new generation jet aircraft, and today flies one of the
youngest, most advanced fleets of any airline.

Established in 1948, World Airways has a colorful history. With a
diversified client base of charter, cargo, wet-lease, and
government – World has mirrored the evolution of the American
airline industry in almost every way but one: World has shown
steady growth and financial stability over the past few years.

Please apply by mail, email or fax.
Mailing Address:
World Airways, Inc.
HLH Building
101 World Drive
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Attn: Human Resources
Web: Expired

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