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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Aviations Manager, Customer Service (Houston, TX)

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COMPANY: Rockwell Collins DATE:
POSITION: Aviations Manager, Customer Service (Houston, TX)
Aviations Manager, Customer Service-FIS00000007

Manager of customer service for flight services in
Houston.  Lead customer support and technical support
center for Rockwell Collins flight services division .  Leader
will be responsible for organizing superior customer and
technical support in Houston.  Leader will have direct
reports in Houston and Charlottsville, Va.  
Responsibilities include but not limited to proactive
customer service, effective on-boarding of clients, product
demonstrations, account management.

Job Responsibilities

• Act as the front line manager, which is responsible for the
day-to-day operations. Responsible for all the operational
metrics of the Customer Response Center. Performing
Root Cause and implementing corrective actions when
goals are not met. Maintaining and evaluating internal and
customer performance scorecards.

• Acts as liaison between customers and sales, field
service, order processing, resolve status or any customer
related issue.

• Develop business plans based on segments, which may
possibly lead to tailoring solutions to respective

• Responsible for some business development (e.g.,
growing portfolio and sales).

• Develops new and evaluates current procedures and
process to ensure compliance.

• Responsible for developing the scheduling of employees
to ensure there is appropriate 24/7 coverage.

• Responsible for ensuring all functions fall within the
Export Compliance regulations, including obtaining DOS
(Dept. of State) and DOC (Dept. of Commerce) licensing,
reviewing and releasing orders on export holds, and
obtaining and maintaining end use/end user information.

• Operating a 24/7 organization, is responsible for after
hours customer support for flight services Houston.

• Implements the plans potential technology (automation)
to deliver quicker and more efficient processes.

• Responsible for workforce planning to ensure the
efficient operation of the function; Hiring and development
of customer service professionals within the CRC; Provide
input to the development of key performance indicators
(KPIs). Performance evaluation and management.
Delivers training material to current employees. Provide
coaching, leadership, and guidance to ensure operational
excellence and development of staff skills, team building
and professionalism.

• Promotes the Customer Response Center as a model
for customer service solutions.

• Responsible for continual improvements of service

• Accountable for development/enhancement of customer

• Responsible for communication flow to the teams within
the Customer Response Center.

• Serves as an escalation point for customer issues and
has direct responsibility for resolution.

Job Skills & Attributes

• Push Frontiers - Begins with demonstrating courage in
setting stretch goals that inspire, influence, and drive the
organization to challenge all existing assumptions and
ends with the achievement of meaningful results that go
beyond what was expected and acceptable in the past.
People use experience and perspectives to visualize new
approaches to problems, processes and product
possibilities - applying options never considered before.
Customers are regularly surprised by accomplishments
that go well beyond what they expect. (Creativity and
Innovation, Influence and Change Leadership)

• Build Powerful Networks - Involves networking internally
and externally to develop and maintain relationships in all
kinds of organizations - knowing what they do, how they
can help you, and how you can help them. Internally, it is
working together across organizational and cultural
boundaries, functions and businesses. Externally, these
networks include customers, but they also extend to
suppliers, alliance partners, customers' customers and
others - some of whom might fall well outside the normal
sphere of the organization. (Networking and Relationship
Management, Collaboration and Teamwork, Conflict

• Unleash Energy - Focuses on tapping into and
unleashing the incredible talent and passion of every
person in the organization, starting with oneself. Leaders
first reach deep inside themselves to embrace their hopes
and dreams. They approach situations with passion. They
then help others embrace their own hopes and dreams
and guide them in applying their passion to achieve the
goals of the organization and to open up new possibilities.
Leaders express commitment to and confidence in
people, often beyond the level of confidence people have
in themselves. (Selecting Talent, Developing Self and
Others, Inspiring and Motivating Others)


Bachelor's degree in appropriate discipline, and eight
years of related experience, or, in the absence of a
bachelor's degree, fourteen years of related experience.

Position requires you to work in a restricted facility that
requires US Citizenship or Permanent Residence (Green

Rockwell Collins is an equal opportunity employer
committed to building a diverse global culture that values
teamwork, integrity, innovation, leadership, and an
unwavering commitment to our customers.


Primary Location
United States-Texas-Houston, TX

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