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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Manager of Training

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COMPANY: National Air Cargo Group Inc dba National Airlines DATE:
POSITION: Manager of Training
Posted: 2012-JAN-21

National Air Cargo Group Inc dba National Airlines

Part 121 Charter Air Service DC-8 stretch freighters,
757and#39;s, 747and#39;s for ad hoc and term ACMI
lift domestic and international.DoD CRAF carrier,
government and commercial. Cargo and passenger

National Airlines is currently searching for a MANAGER OF

National Airlines, based in Ypsilanti, Michigan operates
scheduled and on-demand charter services worldwide.
Together with sister company, National Air Cargo, National
offers integrated freight forwarding and customized cargo
and passenger services utilizing National's DC-8s, 757-
200s, and 747-400 aircraft and specializing in over-sized,
time sensitive, and special handling requirements.
National recently began a five year partnership with Fluor
to fly regular charter passenger service between Dubai
and Bagram, Afghanistan.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority

• Plans, develops, and directs all areas of ground,
simulator, and flight training with regard to Pilot and Flight
Attendant, and Flight Follower positions.

• Assist in developing content and ensures the accuracy of
the training manual and related documents.

• Has the authority to supervise, monitor, and modify the
training programs contained in the FOTM as necessary to
ensure compliance with company procedures, policy, and
regulatory requirements.

• The Director of Operations retains the overall
responsibility for the training program, the training manual,
and simulator training, configurations and interfaces with
contract facilities.

• Ensures that each flight crewmembers maintains
currency and a high level of proficiency using trend
analysis provided by training records, test, and training

• Audits contract instructors and contract training facilities
as provided in the FOTM policy section, but no less
frequent than once every 24 months. He is responsible to
the Director of Operations for the quality of the
simulator/training process.

• Develops and implements procedures and standards
Ensures consistency and standardization of Instructors
and Check Airman in Simulator training and checking
using candidate critiques, trend analysis, Check
Airman /Instructor meetings, and yearly observations of
Check Airman and Instructor staff.

• In the event of training or checking failures he is
responsible for determining additional training
requirements prior to retesting or rechecking.

• Will coordinate with applicable departments and staff on
termination of training and/or termination of employment
resulting from training failures or failure to demonstrate
progression in training.

• Manages the activities of Instructors while engaged in
required training activities.

• Responsible for maintaining crewmembers training
records utilizing LMS and AIMS.

• Responsible for record keeping

• Responsible for, facility audits, records audits, and other
training systems such as LMS and CBT approved or
accepted by the FAA.

• Responsible for all aspects of PRIA and coordination
with HR department.

• Participate on the Flight Standards Review Board.

• Other duties as assigned.

15.23.2 Qualification Standards

• The person must be familiar with the contents of National
Airlines FOTM.

• Qualified, approved, or designated as applicable to
perform the duties of Check Airman, Simulator Instructor,
and/or ground instructor.

• Qualified to serve as a required crewmember, maintain
currency in that duty position.

• Must have a working knowledge and understanding of
applicable 14 CFRs and associated
regulatory/governmental publications, National Airlines’
approved/accepted, as applicable, manuals and the
Operations Specifications 2011-02-18 13

• Previous experience in the assigned functions is

• Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.

• Manager of Flight Operations Training experience

Apply to address:
National Air Cargo Group Inc dba National Airlines
835 Willow Run Airport
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
United States


Mailing Address:
National Air Cargo Group Inc dba National Airlines
835 Willow Run Airport 
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
United States
Web: Expired

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