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Job Detail (EXPIRED): First Officer (Orlando, FL)

More AVIATION AND PILOT JOBS (last updated Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 15:50 EST)
COMPANY: National Air Cargo Group Inc dba National Airlines DATE:
POSITION: First Officer (Orlando, FL)
Location:  FL - Orlando  Job Type:  Other
Base Pay:  N/A  Required Education:  Not Specified
Bonus:   Required Experience:  Not Specified
Other:   Required Travel:  Not Specified
Employee Type:  Full-Time  Relocation Covered:  Not Specified
Industry  Airline - Aviation  
Job ID:   


The Second in Command is responsible to the Chief Pilot of National Airlines and operationally responsible to the designated Pilot in Command of the flight.

• Responsible for ensuring they are current and qualified for the assigned flight. This includes flight and duty time limitations, training, checking, airman competency/proficiency check(s), medical, etc.

• Responsible for compliance with all applicable 14 CFRs, National Airlines’ approved/accepted manuals, as applicable, and the Operations Specifications for the flight to which he is assigned.

• Responsible for exercising Crew Resource Management techniques in accordance with the approved training program.

• Responsible for keeping the Pilot in Command advised on all aspects of the flight.

• Responsible for performing those duties delegated to him by the Pilot in Command. It must be noted, although the Pilot in Command may delegate these duties, he may not delegate the responsibility. Duties may include:

• Filing Flight Plans, 2012-09-14 16

• Conducting aircraft preflight inspection including but not limited to verifying that required documents, navigational aids, manuals and certificates are on board the aircraft as required for the intended route to be flown in accordance with National Airlines’ approved/accepted manuals, as applicable, the Operations Specifications and applicable 14 CFRs.

• Supervising or completing the loading of cargo, • Completing the Weight and Balance Form in accordance with National Airlines’ approved/ accepted procedures, as applicable, and

• Performing ATC Communications.

• Responsible for assuming the duties and responsibilities of the pilot in command as defined in this Administrative Manual in the event the designated pilot in command becomes incapacitated or unable to perform them.

• Must possess a working knowledge and understanding of Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFRs), National Airlines’ approved/accepted, as applicable, manuals and the Operations Specifications.

• Must hold a Commercial Pilots Certificate with appropriate ratings.

• Must hold a Second Class Medical certificate for operations conducted under National Airlines’ Air Carrier Certificate.

• For operations conducted under 14 CFR Part 121:

• Must have logged at least 1,500 total flight hours.
• Must have logged at least 250 hours time in type for the designated aircraft. These hours may be accomplished under the authority of 14 CFR Part 125 and/or 14 CFR Part 91 as a Second in Command/First Officer, Pilot in Command, and/or Flight Engineer.

• Must meet the training, checking, currency and qualification requirements to serve as second in command, on the designated aircraft in accordance with the requirements defined in National Airlines’ approved/accepted, as applicable, manuals.

• The flight time requirements stated above may be modified by the Director of Operations at his discretion.
Mailing Address:
5955 T G Lee Blvd., Ste. 200
Orlando, FL 32822
Web: Expired

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