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Job Detail (EXPIRED): A320 Captains - Tianjin Airlines (China)

More AVIATION AND PILOT JOBS (last updated Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 01:40 EST)
POSITION: A320 Captains - Tianjin Airlines (China)
Minimum Requirements:

-  500 hours PIC on type
-  Current on type within 12 months
-  3000+ hours total time
-  Must be between 30 and 52 years old
-  Valid/current ATPL issued from a country that has
diplomatic relations with the Peoples Republic of China
-  Valid passport issued by a country that has diplomatic
relations with the Peoples Republic of China
-  Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical
-  No history of incidents or accidents. Must provide a letter
from your current/previous employer.
-  ICAO Level 4 (or equivalent) English proficiency
-  No criminal history. Must provide a notarized and
authenticated proof of no criminal history document from
your home country government AND the government of the
country you reside (if applicable)
-  No license limitations

Domicile: Tianjin, China (close to Beijing)

Further details such as salary, benefits, and other
information can be found by contacting our recruiters at
1.702.553.3044 or please visit

Disclaimer -
The job opportunities posted by WASINC International are
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laws of the local jurisdiction and country in which the job is
located. The sole labor protections and entitlements
afforded to an applicant will be those that are available in
the jurisdiction in which the job is located. Any laws which
may exist in an applicant's home country or any other
country shall not be applicable. WASINC International has
no control over the requirements established by each
airline nor control of the ultimate hiring decision which are
dictated by the airline and the laws of the jurisdiction where
the airline conducts its business. In making an application
to WASINC International, you agree to waive any claim
against WASINC International related to such job
requirements or the hiring process.
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