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Job Detail (EXPIRED): Operational Readiness Facilities Manager

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COMPANY: Wynnwith Flight DATE:
POSITION: Operational Readiness Facilities Manager
Our client is a major international airports company in the Middle

The Role:

The Role Holder is responsible for the implementation of a defined
operational readiness programme, comprising both internal and
external stakeholders for the purpose of ensuring that all new
client infrastructure from design phase through to operational
implementation, meets facilities management objective(s), and
that O&M related functional processes and interdependences are
correctly integrated, safe and efficient, and meet all applicable
regulatory requirements.

For the purpose of this description, the scope of ORAT Facilities
Management comprises O & M processes, for Pavement and other
Civil Infrastructure, Utilities, Mechanical, Electrical, Environment,
Buildings, Building Systems, and Air Navigation Services

Role Accountabilities:

• Coordinate and assist stakeholders including external
consultants, in the implementation of a defined operational
readiness programme for new infrastructure or services covering
Operations and Maintenance from design phase through to
operational implementation within a given timeframe.
• Conduct design review for new infrastructure to assess
its suitability to meet  operations and maintenance related
objectives as well as international and national standards and
regulations, and additionally prior to construction, identify and
assist in the resolution of any design issues which may have a
negative impact upon  Facilities Maintenance processes.
• Ensure operational readiness planning is conducted in a
timely manner through the establishment of O & M  stakeholder
groups to, identify interdependencies and resolve operational
issues as well as implement operational readiness time scheduling
to facilitate accurate management reporting.
• Facilitate communication processes between
departments and subsidiaries to ensure that the implementation of
the requirements, including certification of all Regulatory
Authorities’ and other government agencies is coordinated and well
integrated within operational processes.
• Oversee and/or assist with the development of O & M
related standard operational procedures as well as operational
contingency procedures for new infrastructure and services,
ensuring correct operational integration.
• Oversee the implementation of maintenance training for
new infrastructure and services to ensure that all new users can
meet the required service levels to ensure the safe, effective,
efficient and coordinated operation of the airport by operational
due date.
• Ensure new infrastructure maintenance practices are
operationally validated where practical, through testing of all
operational interfaces between facilities, systems, procedures and
human resources within a given timeframe. Ensure that operational
validation testing includes all relevant stakeholders both internal
and external.
• Review and/or assist in the development and
implementation of contingency plans to manage any identified
operational risk prior to the introduction of new client infrastructure
or services.
• Oversee and/or assist in the development of Transition
Planning to ensure a smooth transition is effected of new
maintenance related infrastructure or services.
• Ensure information and advice relating to the
operational readiness of O & M services is regularly communicated
to the Head of ORAT so that close monitoring of progress occurs
and timely action is taken to prevent delays in operational
• Participate where required in the conduct of operational
due diligence of  security related facilities and services for new
airports proposed to be operated by our client, for reporting to the
Head of ORAT.

Scope of Role:

Decision Making

• The role holder is required to make independent
judgment and manage, on a day to day basis complex matters
which involve multiple internal and external stakeholders.
• Problem solving requires detailed analysis and
integration of a broad range of issues such as legislation and
regulations, data and functional process flows, to establish
coherent systems across all aspects of  O & M operations.
• Risk assessment and contingency planning is required
including recommendations to the Chief Operations Officer through
the Head of ORAT about matters that will significantly impact upon
planned operations.
• Decisions and recommendations that are made have a
potential significant impact upon safety, security, financial
operations and public reputation of the client airports.


• Regular and timely recommendations are given to the
Chief Operations Officer through the Head of ORAT.
• The Role Holder works closely with senior personnel
from external stakeholder groups such as equipment or system
providers, airlines,  border control agencies, concessionaires, and
other service providers to secure their involvement in operational
readiness planning and ultimately validation of the interfaces
between facilities, systems, procedures and human resources to
ensure operational readiness occurs within a given timeframe.
• The Role Holder liaises closely with senior personnel
from Regulatory and other government agencies such as e.g.
General Civil Aviation Authority, Department of Transport, to
ensure that all requirements are met within the development of
procedures and the operational processes and systems that
underpin airport Facilities Management operations.
• The Role Holder liaises closely with Vice Presidents,
General Managers, and Department Heads across all divisions to
implement a defined structured programme for operational
validation of new  infrastructure and services including transition
from existing to new.
• The Role Holder liaises closely with other ORAT
Managers, including Airside, Terminal, ANS  Security and the ORAT
project scheduler.
• The Role Holder will also be required to liaise closely
with ORAT specialists involved with IT and BHS
• Significant persuasion and influence is required to
ensure the engagement and participation of all necessary persons
in the operational readiness and transition programmes.


• Project planning to meet ORAT Facilities Management
obligations can commence at design phase of new infrastructure
and can be up to two years otherwise from the target operational
• Multiple projects will be in progress simultaneously and
must be managed as a coherent whole.
• Detailed ORAT planning and time scheduling requires
close collaboration with all stakeholders

Experience & Qualifications:

Minimum Entry Qualifications

Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineer or similar related

Minimum Experience & Essential Knowledge

• +15 years experience in an facilities management
• Thorough understanding of broad range of Facilities and
Management practices germane to the operation of an airport.
• Comprehensive understanding of the regulations and
standards required by International Civil Aviation Organisation.
• Proficient in MS Project, Word and Powerpoint.

Preferable (non essential)

• Project management experience, managing large and
major projects
• Experience in similar a role in an international setting
• Experience in development of O & M programmes or
procedures for Airport related infrastructure.
• Knowledge of requirements for storage and
transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Salary Information:

• 36,000 AED to 46,000 AED depending on marital status
and experience
• Business Class annual tickets for self any family to the
point of origin
• Medical insurance for self and family
• Schooling for up to 3 children up to 19 years old
Mailing Address: N/A

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