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Aviation jobs and aviation employment opportunities around the world.   Jobs for flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, and many other aviation professions.

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Pilot jobs and other aviation employment opportunities around the world.



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12-Aug-15 Pilots - PA31, C208, C207/GA8 (Alaska) Grant Aviation Inc.
12-Aug-15 ATR 42/72 Captain (Lisbon) Leasefly
12-Aug-15 SIC - Citation 680 (Dulles, VA) Northrop Grumman
12-Aug-15 PIC - Gulfstream 550 and Citation 680 (Dulles, VA) Northrop Grumman
12-Aug-15 Captain, Aviation (night) - Chesterfield, MO Quest Diagnostics
12-Aug-15 Co-Captain (Dallas, TX) HollyFrontier Corporation
12-Aug-15 Pilot-in-Command - St. Louis, MO Air Choice One
12-Aug-15 Fixed Wing Line Pilot (McCook, Garden City, and Liberal, KS) LifeTeam
12-Aug-15 Falcon 2000 Pilot (PTK) Pentastar Aviation
12-Aug-15 Pilot Position: PIC and DO - MD81 (PTK) Pentastar Aviation
12-Aug-15 Captain - EMB Legacy 600 (Ronkonkoma, NY) Hawthorne Global Aviation Services - ExcelAire
11-Aug-15 PIC Challenger 300 (KHPN) Landmark Aviation
11-Aug-15 G150 Captain (Denver) Confidential
11-Aug-15 Turbo Prop Pilot (Sioux Falls, SD) Landmark Aviation
11-Aug-15 Pilot 135 (Freight) - Sioux Falls, SD / Grand Forks, ND Landmark Aviation
11-Aug-15 Citation CE650 SIC (Milwaukee, WI) Landmark Aviation
11-Aug-15 Pilots - Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Spokane, WA, Boise, ID, Medford, OR, or Anchorage, AK Horizon Air
11-Aug-15 Navajo Chieftain * Charter Cargo Pilot - South Dakota (United States) Mustang Aviation
11-Aug-15 Gulfstream IV Captains (Van Nuys, CA) Worldwide Jet Charter, Inc.
11-Aug-15 Citation X PIC to work in Middle East (Middle East)
11-Aug-15 Bombardier Challenger 604 FO to work in Egypt (Egypt)
11-Aug-15 Bombardier CRJ 200 PIC to work in Iraq (Iraq)
11-Aug-15 Boeing 767 PICs to work in Nigeria (Nigeria)
11-Aug-15 Boeing 767 FOs to work in Nigeria (Nigeria)
11-Aug-15 Chief Pilot (Milwaukee, WI) Landmark Aviation
11-Aug-15 captain CL 605 (SAUDI ARABIA) strance
11-Aug-15 BE-400A Co-Captain (Frederick, MD) Landmark Aviation
11-Aug-15 DA-900 PIC (Teterboro, NJ) Landmark Aviation
11-Aug-15 DA-2000 PIC (Racine, WI) Landmark Aviation
11-Aug-15 Pilot 135 (Freight) - Dallas, TX Landmark Aviation
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