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Aviation jobs and aviation employment opportunities around the world.   Jobs for flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, and many other aviation professions.

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Aviation jobs, Pilot jobs, flight attendant jobs, jobs for A&P Mechanics and other aviation job openings around the world.



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06-Oct-14 Full-Time Flight Attendant (UK)
The purpose of the position is to initiate and maintain superior quality custo...
SaxonAir Charter Ltd
06-Oct-14 CL-604 Contract CAPTAINS and First officers– Africa
ACASS Ltd is actively seeking Contract Captains for a 30-60-days project based ...
ACASS Canada Ltd.
05-Oct-14 Turbo Commander Flight Instructor (Dallas, TX)
JOB ID #: 214 Posting Date: 03/26/14 POSITION: Turbo Commander Flight Instructo...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 King Air 90, 100, 200 Instructor (Dallas, TX)
JOB ID #: 215 Posting Date: 03/26/14 POSITION:King Air 90, 100, 200 Instructor ...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 Citation Part Time Instructors (Dallas, TX)
JOB ID #: 228 Posting Date: 03/26/14 POSITION: Citation Part Time Instructors ...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 Cheyenne I, II, III, 400 Instructor (Dallas, TX)
JOB ID #: 213 Posting Date: 03/26/14 POSITION:Cheyenne I, II, III, 400 Instruct...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 Westwind Instructor (Orlando, FL)
JOB ID #: 256 Posting Date: 09/29/14 POSITION: Westwind Instructor SimCom Tr...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 Falcon 20 Instructors (Orlando, FL)
JOB ID #: 255 Posting Date: 09/29/14 POSITION: Falcon 20 Instructors SimCom ...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 Eclipse Instructor (Orlando, FL)
JOB ID #: 253 Posting Date: 08/29/14 POSITION: Eclipse Instructor SimCom Tra...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 Dornier 328 Jet Instructors (Orlando, FL)
JOB ID #: 254 Posting Date: 09/29/14 POSITION: Dornier 328 Jet Instructors S...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 Assistant Training Center Manager (Orlando, FL)
JOB ID #: 257 Posting Date: 10/03/14 POSITION: Assistant Training Center Manage...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 MU-2 Instructor (Orlando, FL)
JOB ID #: 246 Posting Date: 04/22/14 POSITION: MU-2 Instructor SimCom Traini...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 PC-12 Instructors (Orlando, FL)
JOB ID #: 251 Posting Date: 06/12/14 POSITION: PC-12 Instructors SimCom Trai...
SimCom Training Centers
05-Oct-14 Captains and First Officers (Vancouver, BC)
Orca Airways has various openings for positions with our company. If you would...
Orca Airways Ltd.
05-Oct-14 Part-Time CFI (Johnson City, NY)
Part-Time Certified Flight Instructor The Goodrich Pilot Training Center is l...
Goodrich Aviation
05-Oct-14 CFII with A&P Rating (Johnson City, NY)
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument with Airframe & Powerplant License Goo...
Goodrich Aviation
04-Oct-14 Pilot - HS-800XP - PIC (Kennesaw, GA)
Pilot - HS-800XP - PIC Job Details Level: Experienced Salary Range: Undiscl...
FlightWorks, Inc.
04-Oct-14 Pilot - HS-800XP - SIC (Kennesaw, GA)
Pilot - HS-800XP - SIC Level: Experienced Salary Range: Undisclosed Job Loc...
FlightWorks, Inc.
04-Oct-14 Part 135 Aircraft Dispatcher (El Paso, TX)
Part 135 Aircraft Dispatcher Summary Title: Part 135 Aircraft Dispatcher ID: ...
Sierra West Airlines
04-Oct-14 Metroliner Captains (Toledo, OH or El Paso, TX)
Metroliner Captain Summary Title: Metroliner Captain ID: 217 Department: Fli...
Sierra West Airlines
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