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Aviation jobs and aviation employment opportunities around the world.   Jobs for flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, and many other aviation professions.

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Aviation jobs, Pilot jobs, flight attendant jobs, jobs for A&P Mechanics and other aviation job openings around the world.



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31-Aug-05 Aircraft Inspector Supervisor
Qualifications and Requirements: This position is responsible for supervision o...
FlyHawaii Airlines
31-Aug-05 Aircraft Inspector - Honolulu
Position Description: This position is responsible for performing checks, inspe...
FlyHawaii Airlines
31-Aug-05 Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic - Honolulu
Position Description: Aircraft maintenance mechanics are responsible for perfor...
FlyHawaii Airlines
31-Aug-05 Human Resources Director
FlyHawaii Airline's first Director of Human Resources will lead the developmen...
FlyHawaii Airlines
31-Aug-05 Director of Stations
Must have excellent leadership and interpersonal skills with an in- depth knowl...
FlyHawaii Airlines
31-Aug-05 Air Traffic Control (ATC) Support - Iraq
Dynamic Science Inc. anticipates successfully competing for an Air Traffic Con...
Exodyne, Inc.
30-Aug-05 Lear 60 SIC (Charter Managed Position)
Type of Job: Open to all Applicants Title of Job: Lear 60 Charter Managed Posi...
Executive Jet Management
30-Aug-05 Fokker F70 TRE Captain
Reference EPA1150 Location Vietnam Must not have reached 58th Birthday. ...
Euro-Pacific Aviation
30-Aug-05 B767/B757 Captains & F/O's
Reference EPA2090 Location SE Asia Retirement age is 60. Must have flown...
Euro-Pacific Aviation
30-Aug-05 B747 Classic Captains
Reference EPA2120 Location Asia Airline has advised that they may have t...
Euro-Pacific Aviation
30-Aug-05 B777 Captains & First Officers
Reference EPA2130 Location Asia An Airline has advised that they have a r...
Euro-Pacific Aviation
30-Aug-05 B747-400 First Officers
Reference EPA2140 Location Asia An Airline has advised that they have a ...
Euro-Pacific Aviation
30-Aug-05 B737 First Officers
Reference EPA2150 Location Asia An Airline has advised that they have a ...
Euro-Pacific Aviation
30-Aug-05 ATR72 Captains
Reference EPA2160 Location Thailand Positions available as early as Septe...
Euro-Pacific Aviation
29-Aug-05 Flight Attendant
Candidate must be at least 19 years of age, HS diploma/GED, customer service e...
Republic Airways/Chautauqua Airlines
29-Aug-05 Puma 330 Pilot
Puma 330 Pilot - 2960 Job Type: Full-Time Location: Anchorage , AK J...
Evergreen Aviation
29-Aug-05 B-747 Flight Engineer
B-747 Flight Engineer - 2520 Job Type: Full-Time Location: JFK, NY E...
Evergreen Aviation
29-Aug-05 B-747 First Officer
B-747 First Officer - 2510 Job Type: Full-Time Location: McMinnville, OR ...
Evergreen Aviation
29-Aug-05 214ST Rotor Wing Pilot
214 ST Rotor Wing Pilot Job Type: Full-Time Location: Anchorage, AK ...
Evergreen Aviation
29-Aug-05 Learjet A & P Mechanic
Learjet A & P Mechanic - 6220 Job Type: Full-Time Location: McMinnville, ...
Evergreen Aviation
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